Monday, 24 January 2011

Opnes Appoints Franchise Link

Due to the large amount of interest generated by the Opnes Website Franchise. We have appointed Franchise Link to conduct initial interviews and selection.

This will enable us to concentrate on the thing we do best which is to support our clients and continue to develop the system.

This will ensure that Opnes Website Solutions remains in the forefront of CMS websites both in technology and service.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Franchise Versus Business

The decision

So you have made the first decision to give up your job and work for yourself! (STOP!) The first thing you have to remember is that you need to carry on eating and paying the bills. Whichever route you decide to go the ground work takes time and even in the first few months, you will receive very little income from your new Franchise or Business so carry on your day job until you are confident that you are going to provide yourself with an income.

Next Step what do I do!
First thing in either route is to decide on your new profession. You don’t have to do the same job that bored you silly. Do something that interests you and doesn’t put you into situations that make you unhappy. Why be a Gardener if you hate the outdoors, why start a business that has loads of contact with people if you hate talking to them, be true to your self and choose something that will make you happy and keep you interested!

Pros and Cons of your own Business

Business Franchise
Do you have a good understanding of your chosen profession If you haven’t you will need to do a lot of research and training If you haven’t it shouldn’t be a problem as training will probably be provided
Do you have a unique selling point or product and do you know the price you can charge for it You will need to research you competitors and work out your unique selling point or product and its position in the market place and price The Franchisor will have done the research they will know the market place, what their unique selling points are and what you can charge for the product
Business Plan You will have to write your business plan in a manor that is acceptable to the bank or funding body that you are going to approach. Stating your needs objectives and possible out comes including potential pitfalls The Franchisor will have done the research, they will have spoken to banks and others sources of funding and will probably have a business plan that you can use and adapt.
Company Formation What sort of company do you want to form Ltd or Sole trader VAT registered or not you have to decide. Franchisor will be able to advise
Funding You will need to work out details of your costs and potential profits including equipment costs and wages. You will then need to provide a detailed budget, balance sheet and projected profit and loss to your chosen funding institution.
Your Franchisor will know the cost and potential profit of the product at a given price which will probably be set an RRP. They should have funding options in place with facilities for potential Franchises
Business Management You have to learn how to run a business Your Franchisor will provide a business mentor to teach you the basics of running your business
Business Strategy You have to learn how to run a business including strategy routes to market, potential markets, competitors and business planning Your business mentor can teach you the basics of running your business including routes to market and unique selling points.
Opnes provides a Business mentor as part of the package who will take you through an 8 week course in managing your business.
Branding Corporate ID and marketing material You will have to work out your Corporate id, potential market and source Marketing Material, a Loo website and any other promotional material

As a guide some Designers can charge £750 just for a logo.
Corporate id and potential market are set by the Franchisor you will be able to use their logo and they will supply you with website marketing material and any other promotional material they feel necessary
Products You can sell what ever products you like its your business but you have to source them and support them You can only sell the products supplied by your franchisor but they will source and support those products
Holidays You have to keep your customers happy if you are on holiday you need to have backup to look after your customers or employ someone else Franchisor will be able to offer support or franchises often help each other out and cover for holidays

Monday, 12 July 2010

Who needs a job?

Long gone are the days of the days of jobs for life and job satisfaction. I can’t think of one industry or profession that has not made people redundant or asked existing employees to do more for less.

These are sad facts and more and more people are being made redundant or don’t want to carry on in a job that is no longer enjoyable or rewarding.

How many mums and dads would like to work from home so they can spend more time with the family and less time commuting or working unpaid over time at the office just to make some one else more money.

The dilemma for all these people is what do I do especially if I am nearing middle age, a new mum, or if I have very few qualifications in society that seems obsessed with employing graduates even for a job that just requires at most some commonsense and no more.

Not many mere mortals can get by these days without a job, unless you have managed to find a rich parent, partner or have worked out a way to live off the welfare state which is now probably more broke than the people that it supports.

The only option for a vast majority of these people is to start their ! This gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want.

But hang on a second this is a very scary thought.

What do I do?

How do I start a business when I have never run one myself?

What about all the regulations, business plans, funding, logos, websites, brochures oh and the biggest question of them all what’s my unique selling point, service or product that will make me stand out from the crowd and will it make me money?

Well many people have thought they have the next big thing that will make them millionaires but the truth is very few actually succeed.

So the question still stands what do I do that will let me work from home when I want to and still spend time with my family and earn an income that will provide a comfortable living for me and my family?